God Is Turning My Life Around

The devil thought evil against you, and he plotted to take you out. The devil wanted to take you down . He schemed to take your job. He also conspired for you to lose your position. The devil premeditated for you to get a beat down. But guess what? You are still standing! You are […]

The Best is Yet to Come

Rest assured that the best is yet to come! It may tarry but God’s blessings shall be fulfilled in our lives. The question is how do we get the best from God? First, we should bless the Lord all of the time and never forget what He has done for us. Don’t throw away the […]

Storms of Life

In our personal lives, we all have our share of storms. If you are not in a storm right now, just wait!!! It will surely come. What is important is how we weather the storms of life. Storms are unpredictable. They come suddenly or unexpectedly. We cannot predict the things that will happen to us. […]

True Success in Christ

Have you ever felt like things were moving too slow in regards to your spiritual life? Consider this: Our relationship with God determines our rate of success. Have we really spent the necessary time in communion and fellowship with God? If we desire true success in our spiritual walk, a consistent prayer life is an […]