Outreach is the core of who we are at Bethesda. We believe that we must follow the example of Christ and get out into the community and transform our communities for the better. We have an awesome Evangelism team that oversees the church’s outreach initiatives. There are a number of other outreach opportunities available at Bethesda. They include:

• Altar Worker Ministry

• Baptism Ministry

• Benevolence Ministry

• Food Services

• Hearing-Impaired (DEAF) Ministry

• Homeless Ministry

• Hospitality Ministry

• Usher Ministry

ADCD Logo 1We also have Austin Drive Community Development (ADCD), the 501 (c)(3) division of Bethesda. ADCD services the needs of people in our community through life classes for Seniors, GED Programs, Back to School Drives, Toys for Tots, health and wellness initiatives for everyone, and support-based programs for youth and parents.

ADCD is now participates in the Silver Sneaker Flex Program.  To check your eligibility, please visit: www.silversneakers.com.