Global 12/7 Prayer Chain

During this critical time in our lives, it is imperative that we pray like never before. Therefore, we have implemented a Global 12/7 Prayer Chain and we would love for you to join us by signing-up for a 15-minute slot. Each day has a prayer focus to help guide and unify our prayer efforts. Let’s bombard heaven together!!!

Follow These Simple Steps to Sign-Up!!!

  • Simply click the button below and select a day and time that works best for you. (You may sign-up for multiple slots if you desire. Additional slots will be added once the majority of slots have been filled. The goal is to keep the prayer chain continuously flowing.)
  • Once you have selected your day and time, scroll down and click Submit and Sign Up.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your name and contact information to complete the sign-up.
  • Five minutes prior to your scheduled time to pray, please call the phone number on the flyer below and enter the access code to join the call.
  • If you are not leading the prayer, please MUTE your phone to limit distractions on the call.

If the main line is busy, please use the alternate numbers below to dial in (the access code is the same):
(641) 426 1600
(605) 475 2879