In-Person Service Reservations


Attend at Your Own Risk. Please note that you are attending this service/event at your own risk and assuming any and all risks of your presence at this service/event, including but not limited to the inherent risks of death, illness, injuries or other harm caused by COVID-19 of complications therefrom to yourself or any person to whom you transmit COVID-19 during or after the event. By attending this service/event, you understand and acknowledge that you may be exposed to persons, who are vaccinated or unvaccinated, wearing or not wearing a mask, and who are infected with contagious and transmittable COVID-19, and that you are not relying upon Bethesda Cathedral of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., or its pastors, ministers, officers, agents or anyone in leadership, including, the COVID-19 taskforce to provide any protections, protocols, or safeguards from same.