2015 Church Theme

BC Theme 2015 pic


Our theme for 2015 is “Striving for Excellence in Prayer & Worship.”  We believe that God is calling the church to seek His face as never before and to commit ourselves to a lifestyle of worship.  During the first six months of the year, Pastor Reese will be teaching a series on Prayer.  Topics include:

  • Learning How to Pray
  • Setting a Time for Prayer
  • God’s Promise to Hear and Answer
  • Hindrances to Prayer
    • Disobedience
    • Secret Sins
    • An Unforgiving Spirit
    • Home Relationships
  • Lack of Prayer=Sin
  • Overcoming Mind Wandering
  • Intercession
  • Prayer & Fasting
  • Praying in Agreement With the Word
  • Understanding Prayer Bands
  • Necessity of Private Prayer
  • Building Up Yourself
    • Talking in Tongues